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There are an estimated 22 million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea.  That’s 1 in every 14 people, with half of them using a CPAP machine. This equates to over 485,000 individuals traveling through U.S. airports each week with a CPAP machine. This also means over 1.1 million CPAP users stay in a hotel each week.

For those 11 million Americans using a CPAP machine in homes or during medical care (such as in hospitals, sleep clinics and skilled facilities), there is a tremendous need for a safe and convenient supply of distilled water.

Americans suffer from sleep apnea
people fly with a CPAP each week
CPAP users stay in a hotel each week


Individuals who are prescribed CPAP machines need distilled water for their humidifier chamber. The standard jug size has several drawbacks. For those who travel, distilled water is not readily available. Most hotels do not offer distilled water, forcing guests to venture off the hotel premises in search of a gallon jug from local convenience stores. Medical facilities using larger containers of distilled water can incur a significant amount of waste. Most state regulations require the disposal of unused portions 2-3 days after opening. Furthermore, the water cannot be used from room to room, meaning over 80% is typically wasted.


Whether at home or on the go, H2Doze offers a convenient, travel size bottle of distilled water that provides two nights of quality sleep.

Simply place this 16.9 oz bottle in your luggage and check at the airport. Or better yet, place it in your carry-on luggage with your CPAP machine. The “Medically Necessary for CPAPS” line on our label means H2Doze is approved by TSA when accompanying a CPAP machine. H2Doze removes the stress of traveling with a CPAP machine and allows you to focus on the reason for your trip.

Also rely on H2Doze in your home as a safer, more convenient alternative to gallon jugs of distilled water. Never trust tap water from any source for your CPAP machine.

Why use H2DOZE Instead of a gallon of distilled water?


Our mission is to help those who suffer from sleep apnea by providing the right amount of safe, convenient and recommended water for their CPAP machines whether at home or traveling.



For the consumer

  • Convenient travel size bottle

  • Breathe healthy, safe air

  • Protect your CPAP equipment

  • No more searching for a gallon of distilled water

For the retailer

  • Consumable item creating repeat business

  • Smaller size requiring limited shelf space

  • Creates customer loyalty and retention

  • Provides a solution for those traveling with a CPAP


  • E-Commerce

  • Hotel Pantries

  • Airport Concessions

  • Pharmacies

  • Sleep Clinics

  • Convenience Stores

  • Medical Supply Shops

  • College Campus Stores

  • Grocery Stores

  • Truck Stops

If you are one of the above, call us today!



If you would like to purchase H2Doze for your travels, click the link below. H2Doze can also be found in select HyVee Grocery Stores, Durable Medical Equipment Providers, MVAP Medical Supplies, Patient Sleep Supplies, CPAP.com, La Quinta Inn & Suites, Hampton Inn, and Holiday Inn Express hotels. 


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1 week ago


Traveling through New Jersey with your CPAP machine? Make sure you've got your H2Doze distilled water packed and ready to go! Stop by Newtec Medical Equipment in Tom's River to stock up.

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2 weeks ago


Are you traveling through the busiest international airport in North America? Do you need distilled water for your CPAP machine? No worries! H2Doze is now at Traveler Services at the Arrivals Level in John F. Kennedy International Airport. Grab a bottle on your way to the hotel & get the ZZZ's you need!

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2 weeks ago


A huge thanks to Sunset Healthcare Solutions for featuring H2Doze as their #ProductSpotlight this week!

#CPAP #CPAPmachine #DistilledWater #SleepApnea #SleepDisorder #Breathe #Travel #HealthAndWellness #NurseAppreciationWeekH2Doze is a 16.9 oz bottle of distilled water that is TSA cleared for CPAP patients to carry through airport security or check with luggage!

Each week, approximately 485,000 patients will fly with a CPAP machine, and over 1.1 million patients will check into a hotel. H2Doze is specifically labeled as medically necessary for CPAP patients, allowing the patient to travel with it on domestic or international flights.

Try out this refreshingly simple option for CPAP users on the go, and let patients plan around travels rather than CPAP therapy treatments. Contact Sunset Healthcare Solutions for more information on this new product.

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3 weeks ago


H2Doze water comes from a natural and protected source in the Blue Ridge Mountains. After a steam distillation process, our bottles are packaged and delivered from the mountains themselves in Blue Ridge, GA. We're proud to partner with Spring Water Promotions to deliver the purest water for your #CPAP machines!

Have you grabbed a bottle for your weekend travels?

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4 weeks ago


H2Doze is so excited to partner with The VGM Group, Inc.! Our convenient travel sized bottles are now available for distribution through VGM Fulfillment. We're spreading to over 3,000 Home Medical Equipment stores throughout the United States.

Leave us a comment and we'll let you know when we will be at a store near you!

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#CPAP #SleepApnea #SleepDisorder #HealthAndWellness #MedicalSupplyStore #CPAPMachine Hub's Home Oxygen and Medical Supplies ...

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