SLEEP STUFF: H2Doze, a CPAP bottled water solution for travelers

The one annoying problem of traveling with CPAP... solved! Ingenuity comes in all kinds of packages. This simple CPAP bottled water solution can serve the needs of millions. I recently traveled to Phoenix for a healthcare journalism conference. The Hilton-owned location was a bit out of the way, though quite hospitable……except for the part where I discovered [...]

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Why Use H2Doze?

When reviewing our product, one of the most often asked questions is "Why would I purchase H2Doze when I could just buy a gallon of distilled water?" Well, there are several reasons, here are the top three: Number 1: Safety! Premium distilled water is only sterile prior to opening the container. Once opened, the contents [...]

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H2Doze… and get the ZZZ’s you need!

Do you suffer from sleep apnea or know someone who does? If so, this will make total sense to you. If not, go with me for just a minute. Did you know it is estimated that 22 million Americans have sleep apnea? That’s 1 in every 14 people who live in the United States alone! How are countless people fighting [...]

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5 Ways CBD Oil Will Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One in three American adults is not getting enough sleep. In fact, 70 million of us will struggle to get to sleep tonight due to restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or Insomnia. Chronic Insomnia is a more severe health condition that can affect up to 10% of Americans. However, milder sleeping problems can also have a detrimental [...]

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