Do you suffer from sleep apnea or know someone who does? If so, this will make total sense to you. If not, go with me for just a minute. Did you know it is estimated that 22 million Americans have sleep apnea? That’s 1 in every 14 people who live in the United States alone! How are countless people fighting this condition? The most widely recommended and successful approach is by using a continuous positive airway pressure machine or a CPAP. This method is proven effective for the treatment of sleep apnea and is relatively convenient… UNLESS YOU TRAVEL! 

Consider this scenario. You have spent weeks preparing for an important business trip, you arrive at the airport, check your luggage and board the plane. Once you land, you take a shuttle or cab to your hotel, check in then head to the room to get all settled in for your stay. If you happen to be one of over 400,000 people in the US who take a CPAP machine through an airport each week or one of over 2.3 million people who check into a hotel each week with a CPAP, you have everything you need EXCEPT distilled water. Does the hotel offer it? No. Could you take it on the plane? No. Now you will need to find a store that sells it in gallon jugs knowing most of it will be wasted at the end of your stay. You have to leave the property, you may not have a car, it may be late at night, safety becomes a concern… I’m sure you can see how inconvenient traveling with a CPAP machine can be but you certainly do not want to sleep without it with such a big day ahead of you. 

What’s the answer? H2Doze! This convenient, travel size bottle of distilled water will provide two nights of quality sleep. Simply place this 16.9 ounce bottle in your luggage and check it at the airport, or better yet, walk right thru security with it in your hand. Due to the “medically necessary for CPAPs” line on our label, H2Doze has yet to encounter any issues with TSA. If you’re driving or riding, conveniently and discreetly tuck it away in your overnight bag. No need to announce to the world you have sleep apnea by lugging around a gallon of water and no more scavenger hunts once you arrive at your destination. H2Doze removes the stress of traveling with a CPAP machine and allows you to focus on the reason for your trip.

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