• CBD Skin Balm

    The ultimate moisturizer for CPAP users. H2Doze Skin Balm begins with a combination of organic essential oils and all natural ingredients which help soothe dry, irritated skin around the mask areas. It is then infused with full spectrum CBD oil and lavender to reduce anxiety, ease pain and promote sleep!
  • Whether at home or on the go, H2Doze offers a convenient, travel size bottle of distilled water that provides two nights of quality sleep per bottle.
  • H2Doze CPAP Travel Kit

    Please select a kit below to see the contents. St. Christopher is known as the Patron Saint of Travelers.  If you spend a lot of time on the road, in the air or just simply going places and would like a spiritual companion, please accept this gift from all of us at H2Doze.  Simply add this free pendant to your cart when purchasing an H2Doze Travel Kit and get the peaceful ZZZ’s you need.
  • H2Noze is a 12oz bottle of distilled water and is recommended for use with nasal irrigation devices. Great for those who travel as it is TSA approved and also provides a safe alternative for home use.