CBD Skin Balm


The ultimate moisturizer for CPAP users. H2Doze Skin Balm begins with a combination of organic essential oils and all natural ingredients which help soothe dry, irritated skin around the mask areas. It is then infused with full spectrum CBD oil and lavender to reduce anxiety, ease pain and promote sleep!



  • Safe and effective balm which reduces skin dryness, irritation and inflammation.
  • Induces sleep by easing stress, tension and anxiety which promotes relaxation.
  • Welcomed by sleep apnea patients who struggle with adherence to CPAP therapy.
  • Also perfect for athletes and active adults to soothe sore joints and muscles.
  • Available in a half ounce tin perfect for traveling with a CPAP as well as a 2oz for home use.
  • Great addition to the entire line of H2Doze products to help you get the ZZZ’s you need!

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