H2Doze CPAP Tote Bag


This CPAP travel bag keeps all your  supplies organized and easily accessible. There is also enough room for your mask and hose. If you are interested in a free gift with purchase, click on options below.

St. Christopher is known as the Patron Saint of Travelers. If you spend a lot of time on the road, in the air or just simply going places and would like a spiritual companion, please accept this gift from all of us at H2Doze.  Simply add this free pendant to your cart when purchasing an H2Doze Travel Kit and get the peaceful ZZZ’s you need.



CPAP Travel Bags

The H2Doze CPAP travel bag is the perfect way to keep all your CPAP supplies in one place. With enough room to fit your mask and tubing, you will never struggle to travel with a CPAP again.

  • Sturdy polyester material designed to protect your CPAP supplies.
  • Plenty of space for everything you need when traveling with a CPAP.
  • The TSA recognized and approved H2Doze logo embroidered on each bag.