Traveling With Distilled Water for your CPAP



There are an estimated 22 million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea. That’s 1 in 14 people, with half of them using a CPAP machine. This equates to over 485,000 individuals traveling with a CPAP. Distilled water is a necessity that becomes difficult to find when away from home.

For those 11 million Americans using a CPAP machine in homes or during medical care (such as in hospitals, sleep clinics and skilled facilities), there is a tremendous need for a safe and convenient supply of distilled water.


Individuals who are prescribed CPAP machines and nasal irrigation systems need distilled water. The standard jug size has several drawbacks.

For those who travel, distilled water is not readily available. Most hotels do not offer distilled water, forcing guests to venture off the hotel premises in search of a gallon jug from local convenience stores. It may be late at night, they may not have a car and safety becomes a concern.

Medical facilities using larger containers of distilled water can incur a significant amount of waste.  Most state regulations require the disposal of unused portions 2-3 days after opening. Furthermore, the water cannot be used from room to room, meaning over 80% is typically wasted.


Traveling with water for your CPAP machine just got easier. Whether at home or on the go, H2Doze & H2Noze offer a convenient, travel size bottle of distilled water.  Simply place this bottle in your luggage and check it at the airport. Or better yet, place it in your carry-on along with your CPAP machine or nasal rinse device. The “Medically Necessary” label means our products are approved by TSA when accompanying a related medical device.

No more scavenger hunts! Have H2Doze shipped directly to your hotel, cruise ship, resort, military post, campground, dorm room, grandma’s house, you name it. Wherever your travels take you, H2Doze can meet you there.


Our mission is to help those who suffer from sleep apnea by providing the right amount of safe, convenient and recommended travel size distilled water for CPAP machines whether at home or traveling.